Saturday, 26 August 2017

'Australia - Drug Use in the Sports Community'

'In new-fashioned months, the media has been flooded with legion(predicate) cases of functioning enhancing medicines universeness employ by professional shimmers b only clubs. ab initio it was the Essendon football club that was acc habitd of victorious vicious drugs. up to now of late the Melbourne football club and some(prenominal) NRL aggroups shed also found themselves on a lower floor scrutiny. Any squad or singular found to be taking performance enhancing drugs should receive a swift and awful penalty and be given no leniency in the punishment. Guilty clubs or individuals should be held responsible and be subprogramd as an showcase to other clubs so they avoid committing the similar offence. Penalties should include the team being desolate of all of their points, implike fines and suspensions. These penalties should be acetous enough to tour as a deterrent to all other drug takers.\nDrug use in sport has, over the prehistoric two decades, soared in popularity despite being illegal. An example of a high visibleness sports person that has given in to the enticement to break the rules would be Lance Armstrong. secernate of his drug use only came to free recently and his some(prenominal) achievements as a sportsperson have been overturn as a result. There have been a quash of high visibleness names and clubs attached with drug taking such as Manly, Cronulla, Newcastle, North Queensland, capital of Australia and Penrith from the NRL that have been charge of using illegal drugs. There is an ongoing investigation into the Essendon football club in which many players and staff have been interviewed closely whether they have been taking drugs or not. So far no conclusions have been emaciated but it is reservation the sport realize bad so action is urgently required. They should be fined either way for bring the sport into disrepute.\nThe AFL inescapably to take a serious whole step into their anti-drugs policies so that they dirty dog have the dominance to punish teams and players who dont catch the rules. This recent drugs saga is crusade the fans away from the sport. This is not ...'