Sunday, 5 February 2017

Machiavelli and Human Nature

Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian politician, philosopher, writer and compassionateityist during the Renaissance. However, Machiavelli was somewhat different from the opposite humanists in his time. Machiavellis place ment of human nature drastically contradicts what closely humanists believed. Unlike Machiavelli, most humanists of the Renaissance strongly believed that separately individual played an highly important role in society. Conversely, Machiavelli had a very ban view on human nature and was quick to mock it. In occurrence, the central heart and soul of many of his writings was found on the faults of mankind. In The Prince, hotshot of Machiavellis most famed works, he openly tells his audition of the countless number of nix traits that argon intact among human beings in general. \nMachiavelli had an exceptionally misanthropic view on the inherent nature of serviceman. He rattling thought that overall, humans were not willing to serve their rural unless to directly benefit themselves. Machiavelli believed that the commonalty people are entirely interested in their protest thoroughly-being and that they will set forth at every take place of their avouch profit (Machiavelli 35). Machiavelli then(prenominal) continues to question the true homage of citizens and tells the Prince that because [men] are bad and do not keep their promises to you, you as well as do not extradite to keep yours to them (Machiavelli 36). He generalizes men by stating that they are ungrateful, changeable, simulators and dissimulators, runaways in danger, eager for gain liars who are motivated only by their own selfishness (Machiavelli 35). Machiavelli presents these traits, as well as many others, as evidence to support his own skeptical view of the nature of humans.\nIn general, I scat to disagree with Machiavellis views on human nature. While it is manifestly true that some humans do in fact possess the unfortunate qualities that Machiavelli men tions in The Prince, it is unfair and simply off-key to say that thi... If you want to nab a full essay, suppose it on our website:

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