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Comparison Essay on Carmen Micaela in the opera

This essay comp atomic number 18s the characters of Carmen and Micaela in the opera.\nBizet: Carmen\n\nI Introduction\n\nCarmen is a wonderful opera. The story of a love gone awfully wrong, it is filled with beautiful unison that serves a realistic while line. There is none of the spectacle that we attendant with operas equivalent Aida or Wagners Ring, but none is needed, for we atomic number 18 caught in a kind drama.\nThis paper compargons and contrasts two of the characters, Carmen and Micaela.\n\nII Discussion\n\nThere argon actually two p auras of characters that we could examine, Carmen and Micaela; and Escamillo and fool Jose. We might loosely characterise Carmen and Escamillo as the bad guys; and Micaela and hold come out of the closet Jose as good, though they are really far in addition complex to fit considerably into any such pigeonholes. They are passionate people, and that leads to their d witnessfall. The New York urban center Opera cast plays out this tim eless tragedy in style, though at least one critic was non particularly kind. He depict Katharine Goeldners (Carmen) movement as awkward, though he desire her voice. He found Carl sixpences outwear Jose evenly stiff physically which do him a good duplicate for Goeldners Carmen, and merely becoming vocally; Paulo Szot as Escamillo fared moderately better in the observers eyes, who suggests that he is a still-developing talent; and Nicolle Foland sang Micaelas music sweetly and with an air of innocent devotion, which is everything one take in a Micaela. (Kozinn 2003, E5).\nWith that damned-with-faint-praise round in mind, lets examine the characters of Carmen and Micaela. Micaela is the only authentically good person in the opera. She is a girl from Don Joses village who is right-hand(a) off taking care of his come. Furthermore, she is the adult female Joses mother would like to see married to her son. When she start appears, she asks the other soldiers if Don Jose i s in the barracks, and when they flirt with her, she says she has to leave, and will be back later. (Carmen would have flirted right back, and beat them at their own game.)\nWhen she meets Don Jose, she kisses him on the cheek, expression that the kiss is from his mother. His reaction is drear: he says that she reminds him of home, and that through her kiss, he can see his mother and their village....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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