Monday, 11 March 2013

Summary of living with our genes

Title: Living with our genes

Emotional Instincts:

-The philia of our personality is hardwired in us since our birth.
-Personality is the eventor that determines the mode you express emotions and communicate with others.
-Personality is what makes each person unique. (No both people can ever be the same).
-The reason wherefore two individuals have different style of personality is because of genes.
-The fact that children look, act and behave like their p arnt is called inclination. It is genetically based, exactly it doesnt mean that you cant motley your personality.
- character and character together form personality.
-Body weight is more than determined by inheritance than any other factor.
- charitable contain obese genes that makes it harder for some people to control their weight.
-How right away the body breaks up with age is controlled by the genes.
-Men atomic number 18 programmed to seek more partners, on other hand women pauperization financial and emotional attachment so it could help the species brook longer.
-Addiction, violence and aggression all have genetic roots.
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-Novelty seeking, (which cypherion the desire to seek out new experiences) is something that we are natural with and being shy or out going is likewise something we are born with.
-Temperament is not easy to change; it tends to endure as a person matures.
-The differences in temperament is partially caused because of biology and non genetic, such as parenting style, schooling only the genes the most important one.
-People are not with their believes tho they acquire them from their parents.
-Cerebral cortex creates our memories; it remembers people, places, and things.
-Genes are simply the chemicals that direct the combination of more chemicals.
-There is only 1 to 2 percent differences in DNA between a chimpanzee and humans.
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