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1984 Book One Questions

1984 Book 1 questions

Chapter 1
1. Throughout the course of Chapter 1, 1984, Orwell establishes and continually promotes the melodic theme of a dystopic society to responders. This is particularly evident in the original sentence It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. (P1 Ch.1 Pg.3) where the use of elusive duality and symbolism edifies responders of the dystopia prominent in 1984. The sentence is unsettling and presents readers with a vague sharpness into the area of Airstrip wiz. The words bright and cold argon juxtaposed to nullify the meaning of the day, while April, a epoch of warmth, is described to be cold and consequently portrays a manhood of insecurity, emotionlessness and apathy. The image of Big Brother as an undecided tyrant evokes fear and indecision within the citizens of Airstrip One and contributes to the dystopic temper of the society. Similarly, the repetition of BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU emphasises the oppressive power of The Party and its absolute control undermining the messs privacy and exemption of thought, which Orwell employs to orientate the responder into his dystopia. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Orwell immediately estranges and alienates Winston Smith by allowing us to view the world of Airstrip One through his eye and assume the physical and psychological afflictions that are inherent of the world in which he lives.

*irony explicit The thing…(nothing was illegal, since thither were no longer any laws)…punished by remnant… (P1 Ch.1 Pg.8) which means that though there are no laws for The Party, the people can still be punished if they were to violate them in the eyes of The Party. This underlines the demeaning nature and bias theory of The Party, and embodies the nature of the dystopic world in 1984

2. The four ministries of government include;
a. The Ministry of Truth, which concerns itself with news, entertainment, study and the fine arts and works by altering historical records to match The...If you want to get a full essay, fiat it on our website:

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