Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Examples of high school leadership

It is also worth mentioning that the site provides essays about high school leadership. An example of high school leadership is provided when an environmental conservancy club initiates activities aimed at ensuring that the environment is clean.

In this case, members of the club can make initiatives that are geared towards ensuring that the environment is clean. This can be achieved through campaigns to ensure that all members of the school are aware of environmental friendly practices.

The environmental club can achieve its objective by engaging in practical environmental cleaning exercises. This will include putting up dust bins at different locations within the school. They can also liaise with companies that engage in recycling technologies and provide them with recyclable materials from the waste collected in school. This can be taken as a leadership aspect from the students in ensuring that the environment is clean.

This is because students at the school will look upon their counterparts from the environment club on matters of environmental sustainability. In this case, the members of the environmental club can be regarded as leaders on environmental matters at the school.